Monday, July 5, 2010

6/30/2010 Home at last

Mike and Alisa house sat our home while we were gone. Our heartfelt thanks goes to them.

We were met at the Las Vegas airport by Karens son Mark and her college roomate and high school chum Deesie

6/29/2010 at the airport waiting for our flight

Karen with my leather hat. It is 11:00 p.m. and we are waving good-bye.

Three of the sisters that Karen taught English came to say good-bye.
Elder Peterson flew with us to Atlanta then he caught a plane to Phoenix and we to Las Vegas.
There were 3-4 other elders on our plane from the North mission.

6/29/2010 Our last day in Peru

All the missionaries going home with president and sister Tyler after we had gone through a session in the Lima temple.

Elder Moss with his family and elder Johnson with his family.

Elder Pilligua and elder Eck with his mom and dad.

Hermana Sernares with her dad and elder Thacker.

Elder Hales that is taking my place in Lima. Elder Johnson who is taking Karens place with his comp. elder Ramirez and elder Hales comp. elder Alfaro.

Hna. Zully who has been cooking now for the fourth mission president and elder Alfaro.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

6/28/2010 Last day with members

George was a very big help for Karen as he spoke perfect English. He has attended BYU. Sisters of the Magdalena ward. Left of Karen is the Relief Society President and to the right is Geraldine the wife of the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency.

Patricia and her twin sister that Karen taught English most of the time while we were here. Also Francis who she taught.

Sussan's mother and aunt. Also Elizabeth Cairo from our ward.

We took Sussan, her sister, mother and aunt to the restaurant Vivaldi .

They gave Karen this beautiful shawl

6-28-2010 27 new missionaries arriving

Our last change. We stood in the background and let our replacements take charge. 27 new missionaries arrived.

Sister Warr just arrived from Oklahoma, Karens home state.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Presidents home - Cusco

The presidents home in Cusco. Three stories. Very eligant.

The spectacular views from the home.

We told the missionaries good-bye and took them out to eat at a Chifa next to the hotel that we were staying.

Setting up Cusco office

The new Cusco office is on the fourth floor. The only bad thing about it is there is no elevator. It is a brand new building.

There is a seperate office for each pair of missionaries with its accompaning restroom.

On the left is the conference room.

This is the Assistants room.

This is the Presidents office.

Looking from the front entry back to the conference and storage rooms.

It was a holiday and the celebration of Inti Raymi. While here Karen had her cell phone stolen from her purse.

From the air on our way to Cusco.


Jenny cleans our office and it was hard to tell her good-bye. She has been such a big help and does a great job keeping the office clean. She always has a big smile.

Jenny and her boyfriend came to our apartment to give us a gift.

Elders Smith and Hales

We took elders Smith and Hales to this Mexican restaurant. Elder Hales on the left is replacing me in Lima and Elder Smith will be the financial secretary in Cusco.

Inka Shops

Inka Shops
There are hundreds and hundreds of little vendors selling their wares from clothing, dolls, purses, jewelry etc. We didn't buy anything but got a good idea of some of the things that they have.


One of many highways in Lima. This is Avenida Arequipa that runs north and south. Maybe 9-10 blocks from our apartment. During rush hour this road will be packed.


Another highway running thru Lima.

Tall buildings

Tall buildings
This is a look of San Isidro where we live and the mission office.

Miraflores from the air

Miraflores from the air
On our P-day we went to Miraflores and ate at a fantastic restaurant just above the cliff. The tall building in the background is the Marriott hotel. The name of the restaurant was Mangos. It was buffet.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean
Looking down about 500-600 feet from the Mangos restaurant to the ocean