Friday, August 15, 2008

Family pictures

Scott and Mark and families. Deseree our Spanish tutor.

Chuck and Andrea and family. Scott and Mark with their mother.

All of Karen´s family at our place in Hurricane after our farewell talks in Sacrament. Chad and Melissa with their four girls

Brandon and Nicole with their children on the roof of the Conference Center.

Ike and the boys.

Kyle and Melissa at barbeque at Andreas before we entered the MTC

Rhett and Celeste and family.

Scotts children waiving goodbye as we drive off to the MTC.

These are some photos that we took just before entering the MTC. All of our grandkids and kids are in the pictures.

Macor, Trimiti, Jaspin and Karsyr.

Shaeleen and Keigan

Scott, Kim and family

Mark and Nick came to visit at the MTC.

Two girls that worked at the MTC from Peru.

This is the Senior group that entered the MTC with us, August 4, 2008.

Sister Barlow taught at the MTC.

Today we were to have flown out from Salt Lake to Lima. We would have arrived just before 11:00 Lima time. But all of the missionaries going to Peru have been delayed until possibly 28 August 2008. We will use the extra time to study Spanish in a class 6 hours a day.

The MTC has been such a wonderful experience while we have been here. We arrived the 4th and had orientation, ate lunch, went to our first class before we ever got to our room. We have had two exceptional devotionals on Tuesday evenings. Both times a member of the Seventy spoke. I can't describe the feeling when over 2,000 missionaries sing Called to serve.

The first week classes were from 8:00 until 5:00 out of Preaching My Gospel. Everyone should read and study Preach My Gospel. It is truly inspired of God. We had to give the first four discussions to people playing the part as a non member. It is amazing how real it seemed. All of our investigators were touched by the spirit and agreed to be baptized. After dinner we had Spanish from 6:00 to 8:00. Then we went back to our room and studied and read for the next day's lessons.

This week we had the same schedule as far as hours go only we were taught the duties and software that we would be doing in the mission office.

From now on we are on the Lords time table as far as when we will be going to Peru. We have met such wonderful people here. The workers and staff, other couples and of course the young missionaries. They always want to help the Senior missionaries. They take our trays when we are finished in the cafeteria and always hold the door open for us.

I think the blessing of staying longer is to help us master the Spanish language.
We love the Lord and know that the Gospel is true. We anxiously await the arrival of our visas. We love each of you and pray the Lord bless you.

Hermano y Hermana Cleverly

Inka Shops

Inka Shops
There are hundreds and hundreds of little vendors selling their wares from clothing, dolls, purses, jewelry etc. We didn't buy anything but got a good idea of some of the things that they have.


One of many highways in Lima. This is Avenida Arequipa that runs north and south. Maybe 9-10 blocks from our apartment. During rush hour this road will be packed.


Another highway running thru Lima.

Tall buildings

Tall buildings
This is a look of San Isidro where we live and the mission office.

Miraflores from the air

Miraflores from the air
On our P-day we went to Miraflores and ate at a fantastic restaurant just above the cliff. The tall building in the background is the Marriott hotel. The name of the restaurant was Mangos. It was buffet.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean
Looking down about 500-600 feet from the Mangos restaurant to the ocean