Sunday, September 27, 2009

Construction across the street

Last February the businesses, apartments and 3 homes were all vacated.This last week they came in and started tearing them all down. We were told that a 5 star hotel would be built on the sight.

The track come off of the tractor on the right.
We will keep you updated as the construction progresses. I was afraid that they were going to tear everything down one brick at a time but alass they brought in 3 tractors and 8 big dump trucks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Peruvian Regional Stake Conference

Today was a Satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City to all the stakes in Peru. Pres Uchtdorf , elder Jeffery Holland, sister Allred, 1st counselor in General RS presidency and elder Grow of the 70 spoke to us. We went to the MTC to watch and listen as it was in English in one of the rooms. The American missionaries watched it with us.

While at the MTC we had our pictures taken with Elder Smith from Monrovia, Ca and Elder Welch from Farmington, Ut that will be entering our mission on next change.

Pres. and sister Tyler with elder Smith and Welch. Elder Welch is grandson of Wanee and Tom Welch from the Bountiful 36th ward and son of Terry Welch that I know.
Something that I didn't know, behind the MTC is this full soccer field with artifical turf that the MTC missionaries have full access to. The church owns all this property. Next to the MTC and the soccer field and on the other side of the wall is the La Molina ward.
An interesting part of the conference was both Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf said that in the future there will be several temples in Peru. The conference was broadcast to the 90 stakes and 15 branches in Peru. Elder Grow and sister Allred spoke in Spanish and it was translated into English for our meeting and Holland spoke half in Spanish and then switched to English and Pres. Uchtdorf spoke in English but German would have been easier.
After the meeting we ate lunch at the MTC with the missionaries. Then we rode back home with the Tylers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tour of Lima 9-14-09

We were priveledged to be invited to go with the mission presidents on a tour of Lima. We were with Pres. and Sister Leyva - East mission, Pres. and Sister Manning - South mission and Pres. and Sister Tyler and daughters - Central mission.

We rode on the upper deck of this bus. It was a very beautiful day with lots of sunshine. In fact I didn't have a hat and got sunburned on my head.

Melissa and Rebekah Tyler just before we got on the bus.

Melissa Tyler.
The park where we left from. We went from Miraflores to downtown Lima and back to Miraflores by way of the ocean.
Some ruins in Miraflores.

I had to take a picture of this hotel.

Downtown Lima

Some of the streets and Art Museums of Lima.

National stadium of Lima.

Shareton Hotel and Palace of Justice.

Building under construction and a very colorful building.


Catacombs are located under the Santo Domingo church and Monestary. This old hurst was inside. The bones are piled on top of each other.

Some one has put all the various bone types all together. Can you imagine what the place will be like at the resurrection.

Plaza San Martin

Simeon Bolivar statue at Plaza San Martin. The grand hotel Bolivar. Humphrey Bogart and Charlton Heston made movies in this hotel.

The tallest building in the center is the now closed Hotel Crillon.

End of tour

We ended our tour in Miraflores. We went to a restaurant called Rustic to eat. This young man played for us. We drove by the ocean and also lovers park.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bed bugs

The war has begun. I forgot and let the bed bugs bite. They are different than fleas in that they seem to go in a row....breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elder Hidalgo

Elder Hidalgo from Iquitos went home this change. We came to love him very much and we will miss him.

Water bottle

Sure cure for cold feet. A gift from sister Drake.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 5, 2009 Water Park

On Saturday we took President and Sister Tyler's two daughters and Elders Eck and Malale to the Park of the Magic Fountains. They had a lot of fun.

Missionaries of all ages act "wierd" sometimes.

We took a bus back to the mission office. The girls walked back to their apt., Karen and I walked to our apt. and the elders took another bus home.

Inka Shops

Inka Shops
There are hundreds and hundreds of little vendors selling their wares from clothing, dolls, purses, jewelry etc. We didn't buy anything but got a good idea of some of the things that they have.


One of many highways in Lima. This is Avenida Arequipa that runs north and south. Maybe 9-10 blocks from our apartment. During rush hour this road will be packed.


Another highway running thru Lima.

Tall buildings

Tall buildings
This is a look of San Isidro where we live and the mission office.

Miraflores from the air

Miraflores from the air
On our P-day we went to Miraflores and ate at a fantastic restaurant just above the cliff. The tall building in the background is the Marriott hotel. The name of the restaurant was Mangos. It was buffet.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean
Looking down about 500-600 feet from the Mangos restaurant to the ocean